how many tons are in broken concrete

Different sizes have different "weight limits." 10, 20, 30, and 40-yard dumpsters all hold different amounts of debris and have different weight limits (refer to our Dumpster Sizes Chart infographic for an easy to understand look at weights and size comparisons). In the dumpster community, the term "weight limit" can carry two meanings.

How heavy is concrete? Calculate how many short tons US ( sh tn ) of concrete are in 1 cubic yard ( 1 cu yd - yd3 ). Specific unit weight of concrete - amount properties converter for conversion factor exchange from 1 cubic yard cu yd - yd3 equals = 2.03 short tons US sh tn exactly for the masonry material type. To convert concrete measuring units can be useful when building with concrete and ...

How to Lay Broken Concrete | Hunker. Instead of hauling broken concrete to the landfill, pulverize it for reuse as aggregate in new concrete. ... We have tons of flagstone in yard and need to organize it into a few walkways like this! We need to put in a gravel pathway in the …

Tons to Cubic Metre [Archive] – OnlineConversion Forums. I am trying to figure out how many cubic meters are in one ton of hardwood logs? … If it is mostly broken concrete, … (1.425 metric tons) per cubic meter. »More detailed

A cubic yard of normal concrete weighs approximately 4,000 pounds, according to Cemex. This may vary based on the mix design, the amount of hydration and environmental conditions. Concrete contains cement, sand and gravel, and water is used to hydrate these materials and initiate the chemical reaction that causes the materials to form crystals ...

Apr 24, 2014· This video shares a ton of different tips and tricks on how to get your steps looking brand new. ... I share a quick several tips that many fans have found to be super useful. ... Concrete Stair ...

Using this tool at, I found that a cubic foot of concrete weighs 0.071791 tons. If you measure the thickness in inches, divide by 12 to give you the thickness in feet, multiply by the area 300 000 square feet, then multiply by 0.07191 tons per cubic foot, you will get the weight in tons.

Step 2: Enter the length, width and depth of area to fill (NOTE: depth is in inches, not feet): Step 3: Click Calculate to get amount needed

Multiply the volume by the density to calculate asphalt weight per cubic yard. NAPA estimates an average asphalt density of 145 pounds per cubic foot, or 3,915 pounds per cubic yard.

Answer (1 of 6): A conversion of one tonne of crushed concrete into cubic yards returns a total of 0.65 cubic yards.Concrete is a compound of cement mixed with gravel or rocks and water. This mixture sets and hardens and is used for setting things like fence posts in place. Crushed concrete is exactly what you'd think it is; concrete that has been broken up and can be used for creating a sub ...

Concrete – How Many Cubic Yards of Concrete are needed to fill in a 10 FT x 10 FT area 6 Inches Thick? 10 FT x 10 FT x 0.5 FT = 50 CF / 27 = 1.8 Cubic Yards; Limerock/Granite GAB–How many tons of GAB is needed to construct a 10FT wide x 100FT long Driveway 6 Inches thick? Area[SY] x Thickness[Inch] x 105 LBS / 2000 = Tons of GAB

How Many Cubic Yards Does a Concrete Truck Hold? A fully loaded concrete truck has a maximum load capacity of 10 cubic yards. Ten cubic yards of concrete covers an area of between 270 and 810 square feet, depending on the thickness of the concrete slab.

How much concrete do I need? Concrete volume = hole volume – post volume = 1.03 – 0.26 = 0.77 cubic feet per post hole. How many bags of concrete do I need? 0.77 ÷ 0.6 = 1.3 80 pound bags of concrete per post hole. Complex Areas Curved Walkway Concrete Calculation. Complex areas can be broken down into small sections.

Hardcore is broken bricks/concrete/rubble generally about a quarter brick size or smaller used to create the sub structure for a concrete floor. I'm building a 30sq m garage with a 400mm hole to fill with hardcore, problem is it's sold by weight not volume and I don't want to be a few tonnes short or over.

Construction and Demolition Debris Weight to Volume Conversion Note: These numbers are used throughout this training Volume Weight (pounds) Weight (tons) Trash2 Residential waste (uncompacted at curb) 1 cubic yard 150 – 300 .075 – .15 Commercial-industrial waste (uncompacted) 1 …

Apr 21, 2018· What is the cubic yard capacity of a dump truck? Update Cancel. ... How do I calculate how many tons a dump truck can carry? How many cubic yards does a standard concrete truck hold? Delivery? What is the capacity of a dump truck for load of limestone? How many 4cubic in a dump truck?

They typical weight of a yard of crushed concrete runs around 3,000lbs or a ton and a half. The weight will vary between company mainly because of the crush size. ... One cubic yard of broken ...

When structures made of concrete are demolished or renovated, concrete recycling is an increasingly common method of utilizing the rubble. Concrete was once routinely trucked to landfills for disposal, but recycling has a number of benefits that have made it a more attractive option in this age of greater environmental awareness, more environmental laws, and the desire to keep construction ...

Do you want to calculate how much concrete you need for your project? Our free Concrete Calculator makes it easy to find out how many yards of concrete you need. Simply enter in the desired width, length, and concrete thickness. Press calculate and you have the answer!

Oct 25, 2005· Concrete weight convert cubic yards to tons by WW on 10/24/05 at 20:10:20 Help, I am removing a concrete sidewalk and have the total cubic yards. I need to convert the cubic yards to tons in order to find out the cost for dumping the concrete.

Type in inches and feet of your project and calculate the estimated amount of Recycled Materials in cubic yards, cubic feet and Tons, that your need for your project. The Density of 2" Minus Road base (RCA): 2,410 lb/yd³ or 1.21 t/yd³ or 0.8 yd³/t

Ton vs tonne, tons vs tonnes. When calculating the gravel weight, make sure you do not confuse the tonne (metric ton) with the ton (short ton). The first one is used by all countries in the world and is defined to be equal to 1000 kg by the international body of standardization.

Pile volume can best be estimated by determining the area of the base and then multiplying by the average height of the pile. In many cases the base of a pile will resemble a rectangle where area is length times width (L x W). In other cases the pile may more closely resemble a triangle or other polygon.

However, broken concrete and asphalt weighs closer to 2,025 pounds (~1 ton) per cubic yard, or 75 pounds per cubic foot, when disposed of in a dumpster due to the amount of empty space. When disposing of either material, use our concrete weight calculator to determine the right dumpster for asphalt and concrete disposal.

Aug 15, 2018· How much does crushed concrete cost? On average, the cost of crushed concrete will depend on the type of concrete that is purchased, the market conditions, and where you purchase it. Most companies are going to either charge by the yard or by the ton. When crushed concrete is charged by the ton, the price can vary anywhere from $6 to $14 per ...

Above I said a cubic yard of concrete weighs 150 lbs per cubic foot, so the 14 lbs per cubic foot difference would be the water in the mix. Keep in mind these "weights" are just a general description of a 3000 psi concrete mixture. Moisture content in the aggregates does play …

Crushed aggregate, one-inch crushed concrete, recycled asphalt, 3/8-inch pea gravel, 2-inch sewer filter rock, and concrete and asphalt aggregate blends all weigh in at 1.07 tons. Pit run gravel follows at 1.25 tons per cubic meter, regardless of whether it is 2-inch or 4-inch.

Some concrete supply companies accept broken-up concrete for free or for a small fee, then grind it up and reuse it, and Some contractors use broken-up concrete as fill for other projects. Shopping for concrete removal: Removal work can be done by day laborers or a local handyman. For larger or more complex projects requiring heavy machinery ...

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