process for production of compacted graphite iron

spectrum: gray iron with good castability, machinability, damping capacity and thermal conductivity; or, ductile iron with good strength and stiffness. Most decisions required compromise. With the recent advances in electronics, measurement and foundry process control technology, compacted graphite iron has become a viable production material.

Process Insights Why Compacted Graphite Iron? Cutting Developments Make Application Now Practical. In 1949, a now well-known material called ductile iron was patented. At the same time, a lesser-known material called Compacted Graphite Iron (CGI) was also patented, though it was just considered a curiosity at the time.

SinterCast will focus on providing process control technology, know-how and technical support for the reliable high volume production of Compacted Graphite Iron. SinterCast will also develop and promote novel technologies beyond the core CGI market, including tracking and traceability solutions and other precision measurement products that bring enhanced control and profitability to the ...

Compacted graphite iron (CGI), also known as vermicular graphite iron (GJV, VG, JV or GGV from the German: "Gusseisen mit Vermiculargraphit") especially in non-English speaking countries, is a metal which is gaining popularity in applications that require either greater strength, or lower weight than cast iron.. R.D. Schelleng obtained a patent for the production of compacted graphite iron in ...

Compacted Graphite Iron. Compacted graphite iron is an emerging cylinder block material having a higher specific strength than conventional gray iron, and with improved fatigue strength and acoustic properties relative to aluminum, thereby allowing cast iron blocks of reduced thickness and mass to be constructed (Tholl 1996).

A process for producing compacted graphite cast iron thin walled shaped castings in a high productivity line is provided which comprises: (i) forming a near eutectic melt of cast iron, having a low sulfur content, preferably around 0.01% by weight; (ii) adding to the melt sufficient graphite stabilizing agents such as silicon to suppress the carbide eutectic formation at the large undercooling ...

(The company uses "engine equivalents" as a measure for each 50 Kg of compacted graphite iron produced under its license.) After the June drop, the July series production rose to 1.5 million engine equivalents, though Navistar production remained more than 275,000 engine equivalents below its March 2012 level.

Compacted Graphite Iron was first patented at about the same time as ductile iron in the late 1940's. At the time it was viewed more as a curiosity rather than a production material, but its unique properties has led it to be used in many applications which are unsuitable for grey or ductile iron.

Although Compacted Graphite Iron (CGI) was first observed in 1940s, an unstable foundry production precluded its use for high volume production until advanced process control technologies became available [1-3]. Nowadays CGI is used for complex shape …

The compacted graphite shape has been known for some time and also has been called quasiflake, aggregated flake, seminodular and vermicular graphite. Its production is similar to that for ductile iron in requiring close metallurgical control and rare earth element additions, but it also requires another alloying element such as titanium to ...

PRODUCTION OF VERMICULAR GRAPHITE CAST IRON. The invention relates to the production of vermicular graphite cast iron. The term vermicular graphite cast iron is used to denote cast iron in which flake graphite as been modified to a rounded, shorter form compared with the graphite in normal grey cast iron.

siasm of compacted graphite iron (CGI) in recent years. Commercially available for many years and superior to gray iron in mechanical performance, the absence of reliable foundry production had precluded extensive use. With the advent of process control, however, quality castings have become rather routine, spurring high-volume

Jun 02, 1998· The present invention relates to a method for providing pretreated molten iron for casting objects which solidify as compacted graphite iron. Compacted graphite iron, below abbrivated as CGI, is a type of cast iron in which graphite appears in a vermicular form (also referred to as compacted cast iron or vermicular iron) when viewed on a two ...

About us. SinterCast is the world leading supplier of on-line process control technology and know-how for the reliable high-volume production of Compacted Graphite Iron (CGI).

The production of CGI requires careful selection of materials and very close metallurgical control to ensure uniform and consistent compacted graphite structures. This is especially crucial for thin wall sections designed to resist high compression pressures. Properties of Compacted Graphite Iron

A method for continuously providing pretreated molten iron for casting objects which solidify as compacted cast iron, in which inoculating agents are added immediately prior to casting, in exact quantities. In practicing the method, the ability of the fully treated cast iron to crystallize is measured and the result of this measurement is used for feedback control of the supply of inoculating ...

Free Online Library: Controlling the production of compacted graphite iron.(includes related article) by "Modern Casting"; Business Metals, metalworking and machinery Cast iron Production processes Cast-iron Iron casting (Process) Production management Iron-founding Pig iron

SinterCast will focus on providing process control technology, know-how and technical support for the reliable high volume production of Compacted Graphite Iron. SinterCast will also develop and promote novel technologies beyond the core CGI market, including tracking and traceability solutions and other precision measurement products that bring enhanced control and profitability to the ...

May 19, 2009· * Compacted Graphite Iron product development and series production * SinterCast process control system installed, initial CGI prototypes delivered * Specialist castings producer for agriculture, construction and industrial powers sectors Luitpoldhütte AG, a global leader in the production of ...

Sep 14, 2017· The narrow production window for compacted graphite iron material (CGI) drastically reduces the possibilities to produce it in small batches outside an industrial environment. This fact hinders laboratory-scale investigations on CGI solidification.

Scania, the commercial vehicle and diesel engine manufacturer, will install a new version of SinterCast process control technology for compacted-graphite iron (CGI) production at …

The invention provides a method for producing vermicular graphite casting, which enables the reliable production of iron castings with vermicular graphite with high reliability and low cost. For this purpose, according to the invention, an Mg-treatment alloy formed from magnesium and another metal excluding silicon is added to an iron melt held in a treatment vessel under an inert atmosphere ...

INITEK* Process ADVANCED NODULARISING TECHNOLOGY FOR PRODUCTION OF DUCTILE & COMPACTED GRAPHITE IRON +creased production capacityIn + Increased metallurgical stability & process control + Reduced metallic charge cost + Reduced Mg alloy and energy consumption + Reduced Mg fade rate COATINGS FILTRATION FEEDING SYSTEMS MELT SHOP …

process control strategies for the reliable series production of CGI. The decision to proceed from prototype design to series production of CGI engines is governed by risk. The production of high quality compacted graphite iron is only stable over a range of approximately 0.008%

SinterCast AB reported that its commercial licensees' output for compacted graphite iron hit the 150,000 metric tons/year pace during February, or 3 million "engine equivalents", a new milestone for process technology. Each "engine equivalent" represents 50 kg of CGI.

process control method /3/. A total of 7 different melts were prepared to investigate the full spectrum of graphite formation (from Gray via Compacted to Nodular Iron), Figure 4. Prior to casting, the ladles were controlled. If the ladle was not at the targeted modification and …

SinterCast AB reports it has booked a new order from Tupy to supply an automated process control system for compacted graphite iron (CGI) production at its automotive foundry in Saltillo, Mexico. Tupy expects to start production for a new engine block next year, for an unnamed automaker.

SinterCast is the world's leading supplier of process control technology for the reliable high volume production of Compacted Graphite Iron (CGI). With at least 75% higher tensile strength, 45% higher stiffness and approximately double the fatigue strength of conventional grey cast iron and aluminium, CGI allows engine designers to improve ...

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